International Journal of Environmental Science and Development
International Journal of Environmental Science and Development (IJESD) is an international academic open access journal which gains a foothold in Singapore, Asia and opens to the world. It aims to promote the integration of Environmental Science and Development. The focus is to publish papers on state-of-the-art Environmental Science and Development. Submitted papers will be reviewed by technical committees of the Journal and Association. The audience includes researchers, managers and operators for innovation, management and technology as well as designers and developers.

All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical, and will be peer-reviewed. Articles submitted to the journal should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts should follow the style of the journal and are subject to both review and editing.

General Information

  • ISSN: 2010-0264 (Print)
  • Abbreviated Title: Int. J. Environ. Sci. Dev.
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • DOI: 10.18178/IJESD
  • Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Richard Haynes
  • Executive Editor: Ms. Nancy Y. Liu
  • E-mail: ijesd@ejournal.net


The University of Queensland, Australia
It is my honor to be the editor-in-chief of IJESD. The journal publishes good papers in the field of environmental science and development.

Functional Rehabilitation of Built Environment

Guest Editors: Paulo Mendonça and Ligia T. Silva

Submission deadline: 31 October 2019

Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment

Guest Editor: Miklas Scholz

Submission deadline: 20 December 2019

Latest Articles

01Research on Coordination Relationship between Ecological Environment and Urbanization in Kunming Based on Coupling Model

Abstract—Along with the process of globalization, how to coordinate the development of urbanization and ecological [Read More]

02The Struggle of Indigenous People: An Overview Recognition of Customary Forest in Minangkabau, Indonesia

Abstract—Customary forest and state forest are still a dichotomy contested by indigenous peoples and the state T [Read More]

03A Comparative Study on Human Urine and Anaerobic Septage Supernatant by Struvite Precipitation

Abstract—Sustainable and closed-loop nutrient cycling require the recovery of valuable resources from wastewater In [Read More]

04Choice of Food Waste Management for a Large Vegetable Market in Thailand

Abstract—The food waste is the emerging issue from the growing global population and hence a need to ensure mor [Read More]

05Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica Materials from Incineration Bottom Ash for the Removal of Toluene

Abstract—In Taiwan, most of the municipal solid waste is incinerated, and more than 930 thousand tons of bottom [Read More]

06Assessing the Ecological Quality of Coastal Lagoons of Western Greece: The Response of Benthic Communities to Environmental Variability

Abstract—Coastal lagoons are considered naturally stressed systems that experience frequent environmental variations [Read More]

Most cited papers

01Assessing the Aquatic Environment Quality Contaminated with Heavy Metals as a Result of Polymetallic Mining in the North-West Region of Romania Using Pollution Indices

Abstract—The main objective of this paper is the assessmentof surface water quality polluted with various heavy m...[Read More]

02Effect of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria on the Uptake of Heavy Metals by Corn Plants in a Long-Term Sewage Wastewater Treated Soil

Abstract—Three phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB) were isolated from contaminated soil and putatively identified ...[Read More]

03Air Quality Prediction: Big Data and Machine Learning Approaches

Abstract—Monitoring and preserving air quality has becomeone of the most essential activities in many industrial a...[Read More]

04Elimination of Methylene Blue and Reactive Black 5 from Aqueous Solution Using HKUST-1

Abstract—The HKUST-1 copper metal organic framework(MOF) is one of the most studied MOFs because it has high por...[Read More]

05Comprehensive Characterization of Droughts in Slovakia

Abstract—The results from a comprehensive droughtanalysis for the entire Slovakia based on the precipitationrecords...[Read More]

06Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Natural Drainage in the Ressacada Aquifer (Florianopolis, Brazil)

Abstract—This paper proposes an in-depth statisticalexploration of the available hydraulic head data concerning theR...[Read More]

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